Our company was founded in 1993 year and was known as “Functional designs firm of S.Beišys” (SBF). Today, after 23 years of successful activity, company is called as UAB “Funkcinis dizainas” (Functional designs, Ltd.). 

Long lasting practice experience allowed to gather a great number of loyal and constant clients. Even more, high quality products and articles helped to gain reliable partners among architects and designers. It also proved that constant company’s attention for quality and passion as well as respect to work and partners is not only goal of company, but also a real achievement and participates in each and every step of company’s work.

UAB „Funkcinis dizainas” manufactures various standard and unique metal – stainless steel articles. Company materializes the most unexpected and brave project ideas in cooperation with various architects, designers. All the cooperation and contractors guided towards real and strong experience in steel processing industry. The main goal of the company – satisfied and loyal partner. During the process of performing each and every task we want to make sure that our customers and idea owners would be satisfied with our production quality.

Our articles spectrum is really wide: it starts with minor items like unique stainless steel pieces or business gifts until productions for interior and exterior and constructions for buildings and various spaces like handrails or any other possible solutions for business or food industry or even sterile laboratories.

UAB „Funkcinis dizainas” activity spectrum includes everything that might be created and made of steel. Our slogan- there is nothing impossible.

We pleasantly invite you to look around our photo galleries and to see few examples of our works. You are always invited to contact us directly and to present your own idea. 

Faithfully Yours,

Business Owner Stasys Beišys