Food Industry Equipment

We project and manufacture various equipment for food industries and companies as well as different technological mechanisms for bars, restaurants and cafeterias kitchens made of high class and quality stainless steel:

  • standard special purposes tables;
  • slop-basins, bathtubs and sinks;
  • standing and hanging shelves;
  • ranks and shelving;
  • closets and hangable cupboards;
  • line conveyors and transporting trolleys;
  • ventilation hoods;
  • elevators and special steams;
  • service waiter trays;

All non-standard equipment is made according to customers provided schemes and specific requirements. We also make equipment for medical establishments and laboratories where especially high sanitary demands have been applied.



Trash-bins, post-boxes,  flowerpots

We manufacture trash-bins and standing outside ashtrays of various sizes and forms made of stainless steel. We are always ready to make similar trash-bins for any building or object according to designers requirements or clients restrictions.

Company can offer post boxes made of stainless steel. Because of the material itself, the post boxes are resistant to corrosion as well as any kind of writings and drawing might be easily cleaned. These facts cannot be mentioned discussing othe kind of material used for post-boxes.

Stainless steel flowerpots can be adjusted to any kind of interior of the building. Our company manufacturers flowerpots of various different dimensions and sizes.


Various stainless steel articles

Our company projects and manufacturers different various articles for interior and exterior usage. As we have noted already, our slogan – there is nothing impossible:

  • pools and water parks equipment and accessories: ladders, guarding bars, handholds;
  • accessories for yachts and boats;
  • accessories for vehicles and motorcycles: bumpers, bends and decoration elements;
  • various different outside equipment: chandeliers, bicycle stands, benches and decoration bars;
  • advertising stands and mounts;